Computer security is no jada, jada, jada. The Internet threats are not gone. Whenever you are using your computer and the Internet, you are taking part in a war, whether you want it or not. The days when viruses or malware were made just to show off technical superiority are history. Viruses and malware have become a serious business. So have the threats from them. Now they range from showing unwanted advertisement to stealing your credit card information to turning your computer into an accomplice in attacking web sites and spreading viruses further.

Our new SAFETY LINE products are designed to deliver powerful antivirus protection so you can enjoy a safe computer experience. Whenever you are under attack, we ensure that you get the best service on time with our SAFETY LINE!

The first SAFETY LINE application that we produced is Exterminate It!.

Exterminate It!

Exterminate It! bundles the malware detection capability with a virus scanner. Our constantly growing virus database covers about 94% of all known viruses and malware. Should you encounter an unknown virus, the SUBMIT STATE feature will let you communicate your virus issue to our experts and have it resolved with the next database update within 24 hours. We will make that update available to other users to safeguard their PCs against the viruses that attacked your computer. So by submitting your virus case information, you help other people maintain adequate computer protection.

We provide an effective answer to modern virus and malware threats. By choosing Exterminate It!, youÂ’'ll get the best ally to fight on your side in the information war.

Why not “live” protection

The Exterminate It! product does not have live protection because it is not necessary for the following reasons:

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